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C.A.R.D.S. – Five Business Benefits of following a Community-Led strategy

There are many business benefits of having a community-led strategy, but here are some aces.

C – Contribution. Your community can share their expertise, providing your business with quality content, like advice, recommendations or data. Your business will grow because this content is sought-after and will encourage engagement.

A – Acquisition. You want to acquire more customers and grow your business? Your community can help spread the word about what you do. Community members will give it a seal of approval - they are your fans and could be your best ambassadors.

R – Retention. You need to improve your customer retention rates? Your community can provide the glue, the stickiness to your service or product because it’s a place where members find value and feel safe, welcome, and listened to.

D – Development. Your community can help you innovate more quickly, providing you with a pipeline of product development ideas that you know are needed and will definitely be welcomed by your customers.

S – Support. Your community can help others who use your product. This, in turn, can lower your customer service costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Does your business suffer from headaches? Could a community strategy be the aspirin? Get in touch if you would like to discuss the opportunities further.


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