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There we have it - the secret to happiness?

Human connection apparently

We were interested to see David Finkelstein’s article in today’s Times reporting on the findings of an exceptionally long-running study by Harvard University on adult human development. This allows science and hard data to finally confirm something that had long been intuited - that people are happier when they feel connected to each other.

Yes, genetics and circumstances are also big contributory factors - Harvard is not claiming poverty, war or illness don’t have an impact - but the study demonstrates convincingly that if people are able to maintain strong connections with others (friends, family, colleagues etc) they are far likelier to be happy. And enhanced levels of happiness means healthier, more productive and more successful people.

Finkelstein goes on to speculate whether our leaders should stop focussing so much on economic growth and social mobility, and consider whether we would be more effective as a society if we put more effort into ensuring people remain more closely connected to each other. Businesses urgently need to ask themselves a question - how are you helping your employees/ customers/ members/ stakeholder connect with each other?

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