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What’s in a name?

We thought long and hard about whether we had the right company name. Should we leave it as it was or aim for something more self-explanatory, something more “like it says on the tin”? That in turn prompted us to consider what best sums up what we do, how we add value? Our brain-storming threw up plenty of ideas. We wondered, for example, if we should (with an appropriate genuflection to Monopoly) call ourselves Community Chest? Or maybe major on how we drive business growth and call ourselves The Accelerators?

But then we realised that, although communities are key to the growth we help drive, a thriving community is the end result of something even more fundamental. Brands can no longer tell their customers what they should be thinking and buying – customers want to have a voice and come on the journey together. And if companies’ thought process and actions don’t evolve to accommodate this, they’ll fail to build and nurture those vital relationships. In short, they need to “customerize” themselves.

If you Google customer-ization, you’ll find definitions, like: “Customer-ization means that the producer and consumer are both involved in the production of the final product. “

But, make no mistake, this isn’t about involving customers just because it seems like a nice thing to do: customer-ization is fast becoming one of the most powerful tools for businesses to grow and develop greater resilience.

And, at core, that’s what we do - we help you customer-ize yourself. Everything else we do flows from that. Which is why in the end we decided to just call ourselves Simple, really.


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