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Community-led Growth

In today's increasingly turbulent environment, marketing-led or sales-led tactics are becoming less efficient and impactful. We provide a step-change in overall business growth by designing and integrating community-led strategies for your business.

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Community-led Engagement

Gone are the days of customers accepting they are your audience to your expertise. Customers want more involvement and say in the brands they purchase from. They want to be part of the narrative. Our community-led strategies support these needs which also results in increased customer engagement and therefore retention.

our areas of focus

Our community-led solutions focus on the following priorities for organisations:

  • acquisition

  • retention

  • engagement 

  • loyalty and advocacy

  • customer success

our areas of specialisation

We specialise in the following types of brand communities, either by designing and building them from scratch, or by supporting organisations in optimising an existing offering to ensure it is best in class and achieving its full potential. 


Communities of Practice - customers or members share a similar skillset or profession. Examples might include educational institutions and professional bodies or associations.

Paid-for Communities - customers pay for access to the product or service. Usually an annual, monthly or weekly basis. In the past, these might have been known as subscription or membership offerings. Communities of Practice or Interest are most common forms which might also be paid-for. 

Communities of Interest - customers or members share an interest or passion. Often centred around a product, hobby, project or goal. They want to learn more about the subject with others.

Examples might include branded products, interest groups such as music or art groups, personal or professional development etc.

Communities of Purpose - Members are working together to find solutions to problems, usually in relation to some aspect of wider society.

Examples might include environmental, political, economic, health, wellness initiatives.

Internal Communities - communities within organisations for employees and stakeholders. These communities are usually focused on organisational culture, employee retention and productivity.

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