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With a specialisation in subscription and membership businesses, we help you improve engagement and retention, decrease customer acquisition costs and build sustainable and long-lasting growth through
engaging and empowering your customer community.
By developing customer-led strategies, we have delivered triple digit growth, decreased churn by 5 - 10% and increased NPS scores by double digits.


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Times are changing. Brands are having to spend more and work harder to achieve the same results as consumer behaviour changes and competition grows.
Brands that are winning are those that empower their customers, harness their enthusiasm and advocacy, seek and respect their opinions, and make them feel genuinely part of the narrative. By creating thriving customer communities they are transforming their business outcomes.
Customer-ization designs community-led strategies so you can develop meaningful and authentic relationships directly with your customers. This in turn garners trust and results in significant and sustainable growth. 


what people say

"Her strategic and creative thinking, shrewd judgement, and expertise in attracting and engaging with members on a fully scaleable basis completely transformed our business."

"Madeleine clearly knows her stuff about community and breaks down in simple, easy to follow steps how to think about starting to develop your own. "

"Her intelligence, eye for detail and commercial savvy were invaluable assets. I can't recommend Madeleine highly enough."

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