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We help clients design and develop their Ambassador or Advocacy Programmes to harness their customers’ or stakeholders’ enthusiasm for the organisation or product.


Advocacy programmes can help drive growth, loyalty, product development, customer success and much, much more. Read our article about the benefits of developing an Ambassador Programme here.  


The way we support clients is always bespoke and client-specific, but elements that could be part of the process include:


  • Setting objectives and framework of the advocacy programme

  • Identifying most valued or engaged customers or stakeholders

  • Designing and clarifying criteria for membership, application/ selection process

  • Overall programme design to include timescales, benefits (rewards) and comms strategy

  • Budget setting



A detailed execution plan to achieve the business goals required such as increased acquisition, retention, innovation, engagement or support.

At this stage you decide if on-going support around implementation is needed from our team or if it's time for hand-over.


Depending on internal stakeholder availability and priorities, the advocacy strategy design process takes between 3 and 4 weeks to produce.




As each brief is different it is impossible to give a generic price for our services here. Get in touch to have a chat about what you might need. We are confident we offer extremely good value for money as everything we do is viewed through the lens of ROI for our clients. 

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