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Are you struggling to retain, engage or grow your customer base? Perhaps not yet but maybe you want to ensure you are ready if and when times get tougher.

​Let us review your existing offering and engagement tactics to assess how you can better achieve your company targets, goals or business outcomes through the power of community.

Every review is specific to the client but a review could include:​


  • Assess company’s current community offering - activities, scale, impact and outcomes

  • Benchmark offering within market/ competitor analysis

  • Clarify business vision and goals

  • Identify (qualitative/ quantitative) customer needs and wants

  • Review resource requirements



Report outlining recommendations, options and possible approaches to improve engagement and achieve your business goals. 




Depending on stakeholder availability and access to key personnel, reviews can typically take between 4 weeks and 2 months. 



​As each brief is different it is not possible to give a generic price for our review services here. We are confident we offer extremely good value for money and everything we do is viewed through the lens of ROI for our clients.​​

If you’re just looking for some quick feedback, why not book a one-off consultancy call with us? We'll give you feedback on your current strategy, and answer your most critical customer engagement and customer community questions. Click here to book your one-off consultancy call.

Price £300 + VAT

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