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customer Community Strategy design


This service is for organisations who wish to increase acquisition, engagement or loyalty by developing authentic and meaningful connections directly with their customers or stakeholders. ​

All customer community strategies are specific to each client so could include more or less of the following and depend on scale and specific requirements. 



  • Clarification of business goals

  • Member deep-dive – their wants and needs

  • Design of customer-community offering to include pillars of activity and architecture to ensure on-going engagement and growth

  • Technology stack recommendations to achieve mission, vision and goals.

  • Support with any recruitment requirements (if required)

  • Outline of a comms and engagement strategy for launch


A customer-community strategy ready for implementation and execution which will ensure you achieve your acquisition, retention or customer satisfaction ambitions.  

At this stage you decide if on-going support around implementation is needed from our team or if it's time for hand-over.



The customer-community strategy design process usually takes between 4 - 6 weeks. If recruitment support is required then this can be longer.  


As each brief is different it is impossible to give a generic price for our services here. Get in touch to talk through what you might need. We are confident we offer extremely good value for money as everything we do is viewed through the lens of ROI for our clients. 

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