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Started as a daily free newsletter for retail investors, Finimize now offers a paid-for app offering investment information, support and advice. 


Having grown to over 750,000 subscribers to the newsletter, Finimize developed an app offering which put community at its very centre. All events, of which there is nearly one every day, are organised and led by the community. Members pitch their idea to the organisation and then they run them on the day with support from someone in the Finimize team.


Until recently they also ran Whatsapp groups (basic but what their members use) for paying members to connect and ask questions to each other. They are working on introducing a better solution for connecting members  so have dialled back the Whatsapp offering for the moment. 



Over 1M subscribers to the newsletter and 100s of 1000s of paying subscribers to the app. Finimize was bought by ABRDN for an undisclosed sum in 2020. 

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