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Revelo - a platform that supplies remote Latin America-based engineering talent to organisations in US time zones. In early 2023 they had to take the difficult decision to cut costs by closing down its internal marketing function.

The community team was asked to try to back-fill marketing activity via the community – and somehow get the message out. 



The community team set up the "Revelo Content Network" and began to reach out to the community of developers with a call for content. They developed a formal application process that was transparent and open to all. Community members were given guidance around the values and style of content, but it was entirely up to them to choose the subject matter. Revelo now has over 200 community contributors sending in content.


Promoted across their social channels, website and newsletters, the content has achieved record impressions. It’s now generating more impressions to previous organic and paid activity combined without spending anything in advertisement. Engagement rates have increased by between 50% and 60% compared to the previous period and they are enjoying an average 350% higher engagement rate than competitors.


And this was all accomplished while cutting internal resources and massively decreasing paid-for activity. Community is now embedded in everything they do and is seen as a strategic asset to the overall business. 

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